In Action

“I have been one of Jocelyn’s students for over 10 years. Jocelyn is so much more than a teacher. She has instilled her passion for violin, music, and Alexander technique in me in a positive, fun, and inspiring way. It is unique for someone who is at the top of her field to also be able to teach well. I feel very lucky to have studied under Jocelyn!” – Madeleine B.

For two summers, I had the honor of coaching the violin section and performing with the Filharmonica Joven de Colombia, the elite youth symphony of Columbia, South America.
Here I’m working with my fellow colleagues of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra on ease and balance while playing their instruments through the Alexander Technique.
I have started them on violin as early as 3 years old! Alaister was a joy to teach and definitely a cutie-pie!
Erin’s Twinkle violin recital!

“Jocelyn teaches using a variety of techniques that have helped me to greatly improve and become a confident and accomplished violin player. She not only focuses on one piece or skill at a time, but rather looks at the big picture. Jocelyn does an excellent job of honing technique and correcting small mistakes which may be ignored by others, ultimately improving one’s playing significantly. She also uses multiple different books to create a well-rounded musical education including scales, shifting techniques, and Suzuki pieces. Finally, Jocelyn also helps with performance skills and organizes recitals with a pianist which is a fun and challenging way to display your progress.” Lily W.

Above and below are of my violin students recitals. I organize these performances twice a year and they are wonderful opportunities to let them shine on stage with piano accompaniment with the pieces they have been working so diligently on for months.